Exploring the Surroundings

The neighborhood surrounding Casale Cipriani is a veritable treasure chest of natural and cultural beauty. Thanks to its proximity to numerous parks, lakes and charming villages, we offer a unique experience for nature and history lovers.

Matese Natural Park

A short distance from Casale Cipriani, this park offers breathtaking views, hiking trails, and the chance to spot unique local flora and fauna.

Guardialfiera Lake Nature Reserve

This picturesque lake is perfect for a day of relaxation or for enjoying water activities such as kayaking.

Evoli Castle (Castropignano)

Just 5.15 km from the B&B, this medieval castle offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and hosts cultural events throughout the year

Nearby Airports

Naples Airport - Capodichino

81.82 km

Foggia Airport

87.73 km

Civic Museum (Baranello)

Located 5.06 miles (8.06 km) away, this museum is a treasure trove of local art and history, ideal for those who wish to learn more about the region's culture.

Tasting of Wines and Typical Products

Discover the authentic flavors of Molise cuisine at one of the local restaurants or by participating in organized food and wine tours in the area.

Trekking and Hiking

The scenic trails around Cipriani Farmhouse offer opportunities to immerse yourself in nature and discover breathtaking landscapes

With its strategic location and variety of attractions in the surrounding area, Casale Cipriani is the ideal base for exploring the best this region has to offer. Join us for an unforgettable experience among nature, culture and gastronomy.